WomanSpeak Circle
Tamar & Annalee

Mullumbimby, New South Wales

Instructions for Filling Out this Form

Step #1: Select your Membership Payment Option.
The Membership Fee is paid either monthly or in one up-front payment for the entire 16-month program. If you choose to pay monthly, the monthly Membership Fee is paid initially, and then every 30 days thereafter until the membership is cancelled. If you choose to pay in one up front payment, the cost of the 16-month program is discounted by 3 months (i.e., you will pay for 13 months of Membership Fees for the 16 month program in one payment). You save 3 full months of membership by paying in full!

Step #2: Choose your Initiation Fee.
The initiation fee is a one-time fee that covers your set up costs, your WomanSpeak Curriculum Manual, and your contribution to fund a girl (or girls) to attend GirlSpeak. You may select any one of the three options. Change the quantity to indicate your selection.

Step #3: Join Us!

If you have any questions, please email support@womanspeak.com.
We're excited to have you on board!
Initiation Fee
Option #1:
$75 USD
  • put one young girl through GirlSpeak
Initiation Fee
Option #2:
$145 USD
  • put two young girls through GirlSpeak
Initiation Fee
Option #3:
$200 USD
  • put three young girls through GirlSpeak
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